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It all started 10 long years ago. I was a normal person with a job and friends. It only took one day to change that. That day I sat with my friends, hanging out having fun, sharing some drinks. Everything was normal until the police turned up. Two uniformed officers emerged from the car as well as a familiar face. It was someone from our friend group. Well, that’s odd I thought. It turns out that the police were looking for my friend. He was not a criminal, he had not broken any laws. His brother, part of our friend…

Hi all,

It has been about 3 weeks since I got out of the hospital. As I said in my previous post I was becoming increasingly paranoid and my drinking was getting out of control so my mental health team thought it was best to have me hospitalized. (If you want to read about my experience in the hospital you can check out my story here). I was there for 3 weeks and it was a good experience overall. Adjusting to life outside the hospital was really difficult to start. The rigid schedule in hospital, wake up at 8 am…

I was detoxing and on the verge of psychosis

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“I think you need to go to the hospital, even if it’s just to take a break from the drinking,” my psychiatrist commented. Paranoid andunravelling, I agreed to go.

A suitcase and anxiety in tow, the hospital waiting room looks like a corporate office suite. It is a private hospital, to be fair. Maybe this will be more like a hotel than a hospital, I thought. The only difference is that you need permission to leave.

There is a woman sitting across from me. She is older and her grey hair looks unkempt. She is statuesque in her body language…

Gems to keep your conversation flowing

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The awkward silence…

Oh, the awkward silence. The panic that sets in at not knowing what to say. I have been there more times than I would like to admit. It’s not a problem that everyone encounters. There are those people who just command a room. Their conversation flows so easily. From their lips to God's ears. But it is not a gift that everyone is so lucky to possess. Certainly, one that I myself do not possess.

Social skills are the foundation of being able to connect with other human beings. They are important in all aspects of life…

My grandfather thrust the butter knife into my gut

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He thrust the butter knife into my gut. I doubled over in pain. A butter knife doesn’t break the skin but having a long steel object pushed into your breadbasket at speed hurts all the same.

This happened because I had asked my grandfather how he had gotten a large scar on his lower stomach. “I was stabbed by a Zulu warrior,” he said as he plunged his knife into my stomach. I tried to picture what a Zulu warrior looked like. Probably 8ft tall, muscles on muscles, brandishing a giant knife. …

Hi all,

well, a lot has happened since my last update. I did accomplish one of my goals in my first post for the new year. I started some dating profiles. After a few rejections, I have since not had the courage to jump back in with both feet. But anyway, getting on to bigger news. I just spent almost a month in a psychiatric hospital. The year started off ok but things started to go downhill around mid-Feb. I was feeling depressed for a reason I have yet to figure out. I don’t really suffer from depression so I…

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Joy and happiness. What even are they? I can no longer identify how they feel. I am sure I felt these things when I was younger but now I am no longer sure. Is it that warm and fuzzy feeling you get between your heart and your stomach?

I don’t think I am a cold, withered human that can no longer feel things. I can feel unhappiness but the other side of the coin eludes me. I remember feeling more when I was younger. But the memory is distant and the feeling escapes me. To me, happiness has just been…

Hi all,

Even though the world crumbled around us, I can’t say that 2020 was a particularly bad year for me in terms of personal growth. Reading back in my diary one of the biggest things that kept bringing me down was not having any purpose in my life. No job, no family. Well this year, if you didn’t know already, I started law school. It has given me a great sense of direction and purpose.

Having struggled with anxiety for most of my adult life I can say my anxiety is at an all-time low. This is due to…

Hi all,

it’s been a while. If you don’t know I started law school at the end of June so I have been busy with that. I managed to get through my first term and now I am into my second. I am going to give it around 8 units of study before I make a decision on whether or not I want to pursue law. So far I am enjoying it. My ultimate goal is to help people with mental health issues tackle their legal issues. I want to also specialise in mental health law.

When I started my…

Using this easy strategy

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We live in a world today where companies are after one thing from you. Your attention. That’s it. They no longer ask for your money. They want you to rack up those minutes with your eyes glued to the screen. Every design, sound, application is designed to keep your attention and they keep your attention by manipulating a chemical in your brain called dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a key part in motivating behaviour. When you eat delicious food you get a hit of dopamine because it tastes great and calories are critical to survival, when you have…


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