Changing my Life Part 10: The New Year

  • I want to work on reducing the amount of shame I feel surrounding some traumatic memories.
  • I want to become more open, as in more open with people around me and people in my life. I chronically under share my life and dreams with the people around me.
  • I want to create a dating profile on the apps. I am ready to start dating.
  • I want to volunteer at a community law centre.
  • I want to work hard in law school and do my best
  • I want to keep training jiu-jitsu
  • I don't want to hide my flaws
  • I want to stay writing about mental health
  • I want to read as much as I can
  • I want to journal every day
  • I want to lose 10kg (medication can make you put on a lot of weight).



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Write personal essays and about mental health and sometimes random shit. email me